Pull Back Car Batman 80th Series - 2005 The Dark Knight Ver.

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Beast Kingdom
Batman and his favorite means of transportantion have arrived with new pull-back car collectibles from Beast Kingdom. We will be getting 7 Batman Batmobile car coming from Batman 66′ all the way up to the 2017 Justice League. This is a great collectible to celebrate the 80th anniversary of Batman by a stroll now memory lane of these iconic cars. They are a sweet treat and would be perfect for the holidays for any Batman fan. 

Batman fans and petrol heads rejoice, during the Batman 80th anniversary, join Beast Kingdom in collecting all seven in the ”Batman 80th anniversary Batmobile pullback car series”

With a rich and diverse history, Batman’s vehicle of choice has undeniably been the Batmobile. The on-screen depiction of the muscle cars have varied from the sleek, to hulking armored battle-tanks! Yet, one thing they all had in-common was the idea that these cars can definitely fight their way through any battle!

The Beast Kingdom Classic Batmobile pull-back cars are the perfect starter collection for DC fans both young and old! 

- 1966 TV The original retro design with two seats for Robin and Batman to fight the baddies: WHAM! 

- 1992 The classic Tim Burton design with a Jet Turbo Engine and streamlined body! 。 

- 1992 The Animated Classic shows a long body with geometric shapes, similar to the character designs. 

- 1995 Batman Forever, houses an alien-esque body with three bat-wings, a hugely unique design.

- 1997 Batman & Robin’s Frost Batmobile is the one-seater ready for the wintery weather of Gotham. 

- 2005 The ultimate tank, the now classic Batman Begins armored car is straight out of a military hanger.

- 2017 A mixture of style and brawn the Justice League Batmobile is the perfect middle ground.