The Incredibles Master Craft Mr. Incredible SP Statue (MC-007SP)

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MC 007SP
Beast Kingdom
Product Description
The Master Craft series presented by Beast Kingdom brings you this Mr. Incredible statue. Featured in the 2004 superhero animated film produced by Pixar, the once famous superhero enjoys leading a secluded life.

With their masterful skills, the clay artists of Beast Kingdom captured the spirit of the character in their Mr. Incredible action figure. Utilizing exquisite hand painting techniques, they reproduced with utmost perfection the former superhero who is now a "house husband." From his fiery eyes and combat ready stance, this Mr. Incredible statue captures his continuous enthusiasm for cracking down crimes and proving himself.

Even though he is no longer handsome and his glory no longer exists, even if all he has left is a plump body with a bulging waistline and very few muscles and a slick iconic hairstyle that has visibly thinned, nothing can extinguish his heroic spirit for safeguarding world justice and peace. Fancy this spirited middle-aged superhero? Enrich your treasured collections and enhance your home ambiance with this Mr. Incredible action figure today. Don't forget to grab the forever fashionable Edna Mode action figure too!

Product Features
17 inches (43cm)
From Pixar's The Incredibles
PX Previews exclusive
Made using clay hand-sculpting techniques
High-quality marble-effect pedestal