Disney: Pen With Pull-Back Car Series - Agent P (DSYP-PBC-AGTP)

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Beast Kingdom

TSUM TSUM pull back pen , it is a pen and a toy, the classic animated Disney animated character is transformed into a cute pull back car, which is a fun little thing for you to work and relax. The pens are already so cute with the character images on the barrels. The pen toppers in the form of eight different Tsum Tsum characters are the perfect icing on top.

What's cool about them are that the car tops actually come off and are completely functional as pull-back toy cars!  So easy and fun to play!

Purchase Notes: 

● Please pay attention to children and pets to avoid the risk of suffocation. 

● Contains small parts. Please place the product in a place where pets and children are not easy to get, and avoid dangers such as swallowing. 

● The thin lines and folding points of the appearance of some products are natural phenomena generated during plastic molding, and it is not awkward. 

● Product size may vary slightly depending on the style and measurement basis. Please refer to the actual product. 

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● Do not store in high temperature or direct sunlight, and keep away from fire.