Soilless : Caladium Tootsie in White Tall Ceramic Pot

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Soilless Growing Media : Pafcal 

Pot : White Tall Ceramic Pot

Plant Name : Caladium Tootsie

The Caladium Tootsie has a unique red splash across greenish white leaves. Native to tropical rainforest, this plant thrives with humidity and warm climate

Maintenance Requirements:

Most Caladiums grow best in shade to part shade (two to four hours of direct sun, preferably morning) or bright dappled light. In these conditions, they produce the lushest growth with large, colorful leaves.

They like heat, plenty of moisture and relatively high humidity. Most varieties of Caladium prefer to grow in a partially shaded area of the garden, but will tolerate morning sun. Caladiums are hardy in our Malaysian climate throughout years.

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