5A Chilean Sphagnum Moss + Coco Husks - 2 ft

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Material: 7A Chilean Sphagnum Moss (Original) / 5A Chilean Sphagnum Moss + Coco Husks


  • An all-purpose climbing pole for Epiphyte plant (Aroid)
  • Easy to use and extendable
  • Solid & good water holding capacity


Our moss pole is made with 5A & 7A Grade Chilean Sphagnum Moss. The function of a moss pole is to mimic a plant's natural growing environment by creating a surface that is easy for the plant to affix to, and by providing a medium that contains micronutrients. Moss poles allow for root attachment which strengthens the plant and makes for a more attractive growth habit.

Size Guidelines & Weight Guidelines

2FT of Fattie Sphagnum Moss Pole Extendable

  • 7A Chilean Sphagnum Moss (Original) Approx 0.60 kg
  • 5A Chilean Sphagnum Moss + Coco Husks Approx 0.60 kg