Justice League: Dynamic 8ction Heroes - Batman (DAH-011)

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DAH 011
Beast Kingdom
With a completely new redesign of the Dynamic 8action Heroes series, Beast Kingdom is excited to recreate Batman, the only mortal superhero in the Justice League team!
Using the original 3D scans of Ben Affleck, the Dynamic 8ction Heroes 1/9 scale action figure perfectly embodies the latest Batman’s ferocious, raw appearance. 

The true to life, professionally hand-painted and assembled body fully replicates the Dark Knight’s tough charisma from the movies. 

Notably, the action figure set includes a realistic head sculpture of Bruce Wayne without his mask, the perfect way to recreate Batman taking some time off from his crime fighting escapades. 

Everything, from the initial sculpting to the final painting meticulously recreates the latest incarnation of Batman who has seen it all, but still stands firm as the eternal guardian of Justice!

Product Features
7.90 inches (20cm)
Made of plastic and die-cast
From the Justice League movie
Highly poseable
Cloth cape
A Previews exclusive