Marvel Avengers: Infinity War - Egg Attack Action - Captain America (EAA-073)

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EAA 073
Beast Kingdom
Product Description
The Sentinel of Liberty, Captain America, charges into battle with a little help from Wakanda technology. As the battle with Thanos wages on, we find Steve Rogers, tired, battle weary and with a ragged beard to boot!

Beast Kingdom is proud to present the latest incarnation of The First Avenger, in the midst of the Battle of Wakanda, the frantic fight against world destruction. With intricate paint detailing, a battle worn costume, and a host of extras including a utility belt, Captain America fights on with his vibranium shields given to him by the Wakanda King!

Need to dish out some blows? Cap is ready with an amazing 28 points of articulation, and the double-edged spear taken from Corvus Glaive, which is perfect to slice down the hordes of The Black Order creatures seeking to destroy the Avengers! With a strict focus on detail, the EAA-073 is the perfect addition to the growing roster of Earths Mightiest Heroes, so why not re-enact the most famous scenes from the great battle!

Product Features
- 6 inches (15.25cm)
- Made of plastic and die-cast
-A PX Previews exclusive
- 28 Points of articulation
- Shields feature extending action