About Us

About Vita JS Ventures

The 3 values that were made and kept between the group of friends to form this amazing company call Vita JS Ventures are Trust, Integrity and Honesty. The idea of setting up Vita JS Ventures came from chatting about everyday life during their teh tarik session buddies get together.

Along the way of chatting, they came to the conclusion that they have almost the same “not-so-good” experiences with their previous business partners and employers. They feel that this experience has become a norm in the business competition as humans are losing their humane value just for the sake of survival in this new era.

Now they are taking measures into their own hands and stepping up for others to succeed in this power hungry business world. By finding good and honest suppliers and connecting them with trusted customers are the objective of these four friends.  Each of them with their own experiences and knowledge in certain field, they believe to provide a strong value system to protect them and automatically will generate good vibration to others. The forming of Vita JS Ventures is not mainly about profit but is into delivering loyal, strong, honest value system to all. This will help newbies and other business to grow and sustain with less worry.

“It starts with the right Value, and we develop mindfulness to take care of the mind-Dharma”